Positions Available in the Lab

A multi-disciplinary team is essential to advancing our research. We welcome all inquiries. A general description of current openings may be found below.

Graduate students

We are always looking for movitivated and passionate students to join the lab. Interested candidates should contact the lab early on to learn about potential projects and determine lab fit. Prospective candidates are encouraged to apply to graduate (Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D.) programs at Pitt, such as those listed below.



Program in Neural Computation (PNC) at CMU and Pitt

Programs in other departments at Pitt and CMU are also welcome.

Postdoctoral associates

Immediate openings for postdoctoral positions are available in the lab. Descriptions attached below.

Neural Engineering and Primate Neurophysiology

Probing Dopamine in Mood and Movement Control in Primates


Those interested in contributing to technical aspects of the lab, including implant device fabrication, testing, and characterization, assisting in surgical procedures and in vivo measurements, care and maintenance of animals, and/or other aspects of our research are encouraged to inquire for available positions in the lab.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students are invited to participate and contribute to the lab's ongoing research efforts. Undergraduate lab members are usually volunteer (unpaid) positions, but positions for credit and/or pay may also be considered depending on candidate's knowledge, experience, and skillset. Students must be able to commit at least 10 hours per week on a regular basis throughout the semester, and for at least 2 semesters contingent on the quality of the student's ongoing participation and work in the lab. Much of the first semester is usually dedicated to student training. Significant contributions usually require at least 3 semesters of participation. Full-time summer positions where commitment of 20-40 hours per week are also encouraged as they facilitate a more productive experience as well as more significant contributions in the lab. Prospective candidates should email their resume and/or CV, as well as a statement on their interests and motivation to join the lab.